Fall Winter 19 20


Routine, wake up at the same time, the usual path, the unnerving sound of the stamp and all the same days. It is from this feeling that the inspiration for the Fall Winter 19 20 of m140 comes, from that feeling of subversion that is there, in each of us ready to peep.
The concept of worker mixes with that desire for escape and lightness that one has in transgressing a rule, in personalizing one’s clothes in an impulsive way with sketchy, almost childish drawings.

Everything is allowed: erasures, smudges and overlaps. The choice of the artist Abbati, is the maximum synthesis of all this; meticulous and amused, especially not a prisoner.
All that he considers beautiful, even insignificant objects of common use, are mixed in his works. And here is a penknife next to a portrait, a letter of the alphabet, cut out and glued on a woman’s bust.